Noborder action camp in Strasbourg July 19th to 28th

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Various groups are working on 8 main topics - contact [email protected] if you'd like to contribute.

0. Anti-Prison
1. Colonial Justice
2. Migration and Globalisation
3. Security Legislation and Social Control
4. Migration and Work
5. Campaigns for Free Movement (deportation-airlines, legal information)
6. dsec: Exploring Free Movement and Free Communication
7. Gender Power Relations
+ Ongoing workshops (Rhytms of Resistance, European Bridge, EU-Parliament)

::d.sec-slots [], noborderZONE in town, video-presentations within and outside the camp.

Friday, July 19
::Arrival, Construction of the camp, first sightseeing tours

Saturday, July 20
:: Anniversary of Genoa (screening of Genoa videos)
:: Opening activities (manifestations, demonstration, decentralized actions in the city and the suburbs)
:: Evening: Opening party/concert

Sunday, July 21
::First plenary session dsec opening event

Monday, July 22
::Demo at European Court of Human Rights RoR Samba workshops start
::Evening slide show: Resistance against capitalist globalisation and racism/border regimes

Tuesday, July 23rd Wednesday, July 24
::Day on detention: demo/intervention at detention/retention center

Thursday, July 25
::(anti prison-day?)
::Afternoon: (carnevalesque) parade of invisible illegalized work

Friday, July 26
::Sightseeing-tour with actions/protest against oppression in Europe

Saturday, July 27
::Final action/demonstration/decentralized or centralised/Is SIS the world we want?

Sunday, July 28
::Dismantling and farewell

::>programme ::>contacts::>articles