Freedom of movement and settlement are basic human needs. We don't accept any borders. The global capitalist system allows commodities and money to flow freely across national borders. People are being stopped and criminalised at both the internal and external borders of "Fortress Europe". Stations, airports and streets are turned into internal borders. At least seven people died last year while trying to cross the Eurotunnel. Vouchers for asylum seekers, detention camps for immigrant, smart cards for citizens, CCTV for everyone.

The border regime ensures that people can be excluded and exploited according to the rules the rules of the market: the Schengen treaty opens the European borders to EU citizens, but closes them to anyone else. The Schengen information system is a database to enforce control of the borders. It is used to illigalise and criminalise migrants. The border regime relies on racist laws and the barbarism of detention and deportation. It is supported by new draconian measures of control such as a common European riot squad and a common European arrest warrant.

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