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  Many volunteers are needed to make the border camp work. Here are some ways to get involved,  
  :: Websites with background information and mailing lists to co-ordinate your trip.  
:: Contacts Camp Preparation:

  • Kids: To organise / take advantage of any activities involving children, contact [email protected] (a working group set up in prep.meetings)
  • Berta" is dealing with security issues on the site. Bertha is not an alternative version of muscle flexing robocops. More like a warning system against attacs from flics" or neonazis and internal accidents.
  • Volunteers from different countries needed for day-to-day responsibilities and workshops on passive resistance techniques. Contact [email protected]
  • Medical Team: To join the medical team, contact [email protected]
  • Anything media / IT-related: [email protected]

:: Contacts UK -> Sbourg
  • To plan your trip or discuss the project, join the self-organised mailing list by emailing [email protected]
  • To subscribe yourself to the sbourg info-mailinglist of the European noborder network, [email protected]. SUBJECT=subscribe [leave the body empty and the subject unchanged]
  • To contact the UK/sbourg preparation group, [email protected]
  • To contact the London No-Borders group, mail [email protected]
  • 4 samba convergence & pink & silver musical dance subversion : [email protected]

::>programme ::> contacts::>articles