Noborder action camp in Strasbourg July 19th to 28th

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  :: This summer's DiY experience ::

  The NoBorder camp at Strasbourg will be a practical demonstration of collective ability to manage our own events on a non-hierarchical, self-organised basis.
Thousands of people from all over Europe and beyond are expected for a week of protest actions, workshops, discussions, and projects on migration and border regimes.

It is organised in a D.I.Y. (Do-It-Yourself) spirit by groups as different as the teccie group ascii (Amsterdam), Festival Permanente Contre le Racisme (Strasbourg), kein Mensch ist illegal (Germany), Collectif Anti Expulsions (Paris), PublixTheatreCaravan (Vienna).
This massive undertaking requires the active participation of all. Nobody is in the business of laying on a NoBorders experience to be passively consumed by 'visitors'.
The camp is operating on the basis of 'Every One is An Expert'. Negotiations between the Strasbourg no-border collective and the council about a suitable campsite are well under way. The camp will be organised as a cluster of 'barrios' located around kitchens as central hubs, each with it's own sanitation facilities, security contacts etc. Kitchens from Spain, Germany and France have announced their coming (none from the UK yet).
They will need daily support from their barrios. Organic loos will take care of the other end of nutrition, they need to be looked after collectively. Two large tents will host meetings of several 100 people. Working groups are addressing information structure, internet access, site security, sanitation, catering and integrating children into the life of the camp (See contacts, input welcome).

Lots of infrastructure is being blagged for free, but AARRRGGH - we still live under capitalist rule, so money is badly needed. A small fee for the week will cover basic expenses but we still need cash for the internet connection, electricity, agitprop, transport, bikes etc etc. So if you can do a benefit, do it! The events, projects and discussions listed in the preliminary programme are expected and develop through on-going discussion and dialogue during the week of the camp. Bring: Tent, cutlery, sleeping bag, friends, musical instruments, FM radio for translations, massage oil Organise your transport through [email protected].
No easyjet to sbourg, try Eurolines busses, get on your bike, rent a van
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