Noborder action camp in Strasbourg July 19th to 28th

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  :: Strasbourg: International no-border action camp ::

  Border Camp: "A political tool but also an expression of multiplicity: a market of conspirators to exchange experiences to fight the empire; a fair of political engineers to exchange formulas to build political machines; but also a pagan celebration."
(An activist from the Tarifa bordercamp)

Activists from 15 European countries are calling for an international noborder action camp in the Alsacian city of Strasbourg (July 19. - 28. 2002) under the slogan "Freedom of Movement for All" []. Thematic threads range from "Migration & Labour" to "Freedom of Communication" []" and "gender".

The Strasbourg camp is part of a chain of bordercamps in Woomera (Australia), Mexico, Poland, Slovenia, Germany and Finland. Strasbourg symbolises both old and new borders. It is located at the shift from physical, territorial borders to an omnipresent and perpetual system of control directed at both migrants and the general populations in Europe. Having shifted 5 times between French and German rule in the last 400 years, Strasbourg signifies the constructedness of national borders in the past. With the establishment of the European Court of Human Rights and the EU-Parliament, it became a capital of Europe, also symbolised by the "bridge of Europe".

Today, it is home to the central unit of the Schengen Information System (SIS), a database designed to control migrants, protesters and other threats to public order. The detention center Geispolsheim is nearby. In the corporate media, Strasbourg is known for its burned cars, a good excuse for the government to enforce repression against parts of the population in the name of "security". This thick symbolic field makes Strasbourg a good place to express the demand for Freedom of Movement in what is described as a "ten-day laboratory of creative resistance and civil disobedience". BORDERCAMPS In 2001, more than 2000 people took part in a chain of interconnected bordercamps (see mute 24, 2002): At the borders between Poland and Belorus, Slovenia-Croatia-Hungary, in Tarifa (Spain/Africa), at Frankfurt airport (Germany) and at the "borderhack" festival (Mexico/California). The G8 protests in Genoa were connected through a day of immigration, which resonated in the UK with an action at the internal border at Campsfield detention center. Mobile media units like the Publixtheatrecaravan [] physically linked the spaces of resistance in an act of permanent bordercrossing. In virtual space, "borderstream" [] visualised the "we-are-everywhere" by streaming videos from 3 coinciding bordercamps and related actions.

This summer, 3000 international activists are expected in Strasbourg. With direct actions, performances, demonstrations and acts of communication guerilla, they will interfere with the ever tightening border regime, criticise the militarisation of society, colonial (in)justice and the dynamics of economic globalisation. In discussions and workshops, they will explore the virtualisation of borders, visualise them and develop practices to interfere with them. The campsite will have internet access, several kitchens, camp radio and ecological loos. Alternative media crews from all over Europe will report about borderregimes, mechanisms of control and reSIStance. With Samba, sound systems, large puppets and mobile media units [], the bordercampers will interact with people in the housing estates and in the city center, they will be present at the European institutions, the detention center and the SIS.
Pictures of SIS, the campsite and the city
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:: Strasbourg: International no-border action camp ::

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