Noborder action camp in Strasbourg July 19th to 28th

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  :: Routes of Migration: War, Poverty & Planet ::

  This is the second year of the Global War. People are on the move. The world leaders are preaching of a "War Without End" to defend Western values and civilisation, to justify military adventures and their support for oppressive regimes.
In the name of protecting "our way of life" and unrestricted access for Western corporations to resources, the military might of the over-developed regions is being deployed to police a new world order of global capitalism and is creating millions of displaced persons in the process. British companies, aided by massive State subsides, are amongst the world's leading manufacturers and exporters of arms, profiting from this business of mass destruction.
Millions world-wide, from Iraq, Afghanistan, Columbia, Chechnya, from places too many to list, are being forced to flee their homes due to state sponsored violence and terror, huddling beneath canvass or risking all to seek refuge abroad. Most remain exiled in their own or in neighboring countries. Through international organisations such as the WTO and World Bank, the West uses its economic dominance to impose on the rest of the world neo-liberal policies favourable to its interests, catapulting whole nations into debt and poverty. Poverty and hunger are forms of violence: being used daily by the wealthy and powerful to discipline the world's poor, to ensure cheap labour and low production costs.
In response, migrants risk persecution, hardship and death crossing borders in search of a better life. A spectre is haunting the overdeveloped world: the spectre of the migrant. In Europe opportunist politicians and the corporate media use this bogeyman to stir up xenophobia and racism, to divide and segregate "indigenous" and migrant communities. At the same time, the information driven economy of the 'new' Europe needs the labour of migrants, especially in the older hyper exploited sectors of the economy. By keeping migrants who arrive, fleeing persecution or simply to find a better life, subject to harassment, discrimination and the threat of deportation, the institutions of fortress Europe function to discipline and control the market, regulating the supply of cheap labour.
Driven by its need to realise ever greater profits, capitalism needs to expand globally, leaving a trail of environmental degradation and human misery in its wake. Unsustainable exploitation of natural resources, together with the pollution and carbon emissions of the over-developed world is fuelling rapid changes in the global climate, forcing even more people to leave their homelands because of floods, deforestation, droughts and other forms of environmental destruction.
We are currently witnesses to the mass extinction of numerous species of animal and plants, of ecosystems and of the traditional human societies that nurtured and relied on them. The flows and networks of migration will continue to grow as the globalised economy of Capital and War develops.
Migration is both a direct response and a source of resistance to these processes.
From earliest times, migrants and nomads have carried the hopes of humanity for a better world. If there is to be a future for humanity and for the other species which with we share this planet, the global movement must prevail.
We are not demanding the right to asylum, we are demanding freedom of movement for all. Against the current climate of fear and separation, we are asserting friendhip, love and solidarity - No One Is Illegal!. Ours is the World of the Many. We¹re not handing it over to the profit the Few. We need to act in solidarity for a world in which there is freedom of movement for all. No Borders / No Nation Let our Resistance be as International as Capital. We Have a New World in Our Hearts.
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