Noborder action camp in Strasbourg July 19th to 28th

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  :: Dispersal and NASS creating a problem ::

  In 1996 the government introduced a number of new rules targeting asylum seekers, including taking away many of their rights to benefits and housing.
In this way asylum seekers were set up both as a media target and a problem for local councils. The loopholes found to force councils to take on responsibility for destitute asylum seekers meant that they had to do so out of funds not set up for this purpose, and for people who would otherwise have moved on to areas more used to migration.
In particular Dover council suddenly had responsibility for asylum seekers when previously they would have passed through to somewhere with existing immigrant communities. So the artificial problems of Dover council gave joy to fascists, the media and the government, and all stepped up their scapegoating. From then on we have seen a vicious circle of increasing attacks creating increasing problems.
NASS (National Asylum Support Service) was set up to disperse people away from where they might find community support and then "support" them, but this "support" merely created new problems. One result of NASS was the killing on 5 August 2001 of Firsat Dag in Sighthill in Glasgow, followed 3 days later by the stabbing of Davoud Rasul Naseri in the same place.
People trying to escape Sighthill were returned there by NASS, and threatened with removal of "support" if they left again. Not that others had it easy 300 people were dumped in a condemned tower block in Liverpool until mass protests got them moved out.
Now the plan is to concentrate asylum seekers in camps, away from community support and obviously marked out for attack by any hostile neighbours.
The three places currently planned include one used for burying foot & mouth infected cattle, and all lack facilities for large numbers of people. For more information on dispersal check out National Coalition of Anti Deportation Campaigns: For a report on the bureaucratic nightmare that is
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