Noborder action camp in Strasbourg July 19th to 28th

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  :: Detention Centers not acceptable ::

  "Liberty is a fundamental human right... detention of asylum seekers is not acceptable" United Nations High Commission for Refugees

Refugees are among the most vulnerable members of society. The rapid increase in forced detention for asylum seekers whilst their claims are processed, is a worrying one. Individuals who are not suspected of committing any crime, are held without trial, often for months on end, in what is effectively a prison for innocent victims of persecution in their own countries. Detentions are arbitrary, unlawful, unnecessary and unjust. People who have committed no crime are detained in a Kafkaesque way for an indefinite period under questionable and unaccountable procedures, which are not subject to judicial scrutiny. Although asylum seekers are no longer housed in domestic prisons alongside people with criminal convictions, they remain subject to maltreatment, forced deportations and segregation in detention and removal centres. Unsurprisingly hunger strikes have become a way to highlight the plight of asylum seekers. Forty detainees in Dungavel, near Glasgow are currently hunger striking in protest at conditions in the detention centre, and the length of time asylum seekers are detained while their cases are processed. This year, the amount of people detained in detention centres in the UK stands at around 1800. As part of its new immigration Bill, the government plans to escalate this to 4000 men, women and children by 2003. Three more sites have recently been named as new "accommodation centres" for asylum seekers. Those who are offered a place in one of the centres will be denied all financial support if they refuse, whilst the security groups responsible for this type of centre i.e Sodexho and Group 4 grow steadily wealthier if they stay. There are many campaigns surrounding the issues of detention and removal centres, working towards closing down these racist institutions. Barbed Wire Britain houses a list of all related UK campaigns available at
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